Emotional Intelligence

What is the challenge?

How do you retain your best talent?
Develop leadership skills?
Cope with rapid change?
Manage stress?
Engage staff?
Find competitive advantage?
Mobilise staff to improve profitability

“No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book smarts, but my experience says it is actually more important in the making of a leader”.
(Jack Welch, Emotional Capitalists, Newman 2008).

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand your emotions and the emotions of others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behaviour and your relationships within the workplace.

It is the vital part of what makes people effective in life and in work.

“Emotional Intelligence is so critical to success that it accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs”.
(Bradberry & Greaves, Emotional Intelligence 2.0 2009)

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The rules of work are changing. We are being judged - not just by how smart we are, but by how we handle ourselves, and others".

Daniel Goleman (Working with Emotional Intelligence, 1998) Tweet