Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Underpinning this process is the belief by the Coach that every individual is resourceful and resilient.  They have the ability to achieve their goals.  The Coach provides a safe environment and the encouragement to support that belief.

The Process:

  • Coaching Agreement:   You and your Coach agree the details of the process, how many sessions are appropriate, what the boundaries are and what feedback mechanisms will be.

  • Foundation Session:  This is typically a “getting to know you” session for both parties where goals and outcomes are identified.

  • Follow up Sessions:   You agree with your Coach how often you would like to meet up, to follow up on actions and move forward in the process.

  • Close out Session:  At the final agreed session, you review with your Coach the progress and learnings made and how you will embed them for future performance.

               Coaching can usually follow a process which would entail:

  •  Discussing and clarifying  with your Coach what you want to achieve .

  • Your Coach will elicit options, solutions and strategies from you using inquiry, support and feedback.

  • You will be held accountable by your Coach to carry out actions which move you forward towards your goal.

  • What you can hope to achieve is clarity, direction, clear goals and a call to action. Actively achieve the goals you set yourself to fulfil your aspirations and potential.